Practice Areas

Corporate Communications

We develop integrated corporate messaging campaigns aimed at helping organizations effectively and consistently communicate their culture, values, objectives and operating progress to their core constituents. From peer messaging analysis studies and employee surveys to on-site meeting observation and production facility walks, we use all the right tools to support our advisory and content creation efforts. Leveraging our experience and insights in working with hundreds of companies across diverse industries, we take a custom approach to help each corporate client distill and communicate their value proposition, relevancy and unique attributes to the audiences that matter.

Media Outreach & Management

We work directly with companies, executives and organizations to develop and execute strategic media outreach campaigns that support specific business goals. Our efforts are aimed at fostering an informed base of reporters, ensuring accurate coverage and securing stories in the most influential outlets. Our approach is not just about volume of coverage, but rather the relevance of each placement in terms of garnering exposure among the most important target audiences. Our experience spans business, financial, consumer and trade media. We also serve as primary contacts for media with the goal of effectively managing incoming inquiries, clarifying and addressing any misinformation, uncovering opportunities and ensuring our clients benefit from our professional representation.

Investor Relations

We provide content, marketing and consulting services covering every aspect of investor relations. From helping IPO companies develop comprehensive financial communications programs, to taking the lead in crafting earnings-related content and navigating the quarterly reporting process, to directly advising management teams on disclosure, guidance practices and analyst relations, we serve as trusted advisors to public companies of all sizes. Our decades of experience and direct knowledge of SEC regulations, institutional investing trends, market developments and IR best practices enables our team to deliver the most effective counsel and support to each of our clients. Simply stated, we know how analysts and investors think – and our insight empowers our clients to make well-informed decisions that ultimately impact investor perceptions and valuation.

Social Media

In today’s business environment, social media serves as a critical communications component to accentuate and validate ideas, strategies and corporate culture. It’s not about adding to the mindless volume in an already cluttered space. Rather, it’s about cutting through the noise to differentiate and effectively position both organizations and senior leaders within their industries and among their target audiences. It’s about connecting and standing out in a relevant, if not compelling manner – while knowing when to stay on the sidelines. Leveraging our clients’ thought leadership and unique messaging, our social media approach involves daily analysis of the landscape pertinent to each client, coupled with the appropriate level of engagement regarding the issues that matter. We use social media to tell stories – complementing integrated communications programs aimed at influencing opinions, supporting perceptions and achieving business goals.

Executive Training & Visibility

Preparation is crucial to approaching interviews and speaking engagements. Beyond developing effective messaging, we thoroughly prepare our clients before they engage with their constituents on the public stage. We provide a wide range of highly tailored coaching programs and seminars to clients, including media and presentation training, introduction to Wall Street seminars, disclosure workshops and one-on-one consulting prior to investor and media meetings. We also develop and manage visibility programs for executives spanning strategic media outreach, social media, keynote speeches, conference attendance and strategic networking. These programs are integrated with our thought leadership and content development services.

Thought Leadership & Business Writing

Driving success for our clients starts with the quality and relevance of the content we create. Compelling thought leadership platforms help to differentiate our clients and support effective marketing outreach campaigns. We have extensive experience in drafting virtually all forms of corporate and financial communications. Our expertise spans op-eds, bylines, speeches, scripts, annual reports, taglines and mission and vision statements. Our multi-disciplinary experience ensures the messaging we develop is aligned across all corporate constituents.